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Please take note that Privacy Pact enables companies to publicly commit to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation. This commitment can be referred to as an evidence that the Applicant agreed to abide to the GDPR rules and principles. However, Privacy Pact is not intended to, nor in a position to, assess the effective compliance of the Applicant with the GDPR. Privacy Pact does not take any responsibility or position on the effectivity of the declared compliance of the Applicants with the GDPR.

Any privacy or data protection breach made by any of the Applicants shall be reported to the qualified Data Protection Authority.

In case a commitment made by an Applicant would be contested by any third party, a request to cancel a registration can be applied only if grounded on decision of a qualified tribunal or a Data Protection Authority, which clearly identifies the registered Applicant as non-compliant with the GDPR rules and provisions.